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2. Your Business

Your History or Background

What are your main services?

Who are your target customers?

3. Website Objectives

What is the objective of your website?

Examples of this could be:
To access information
Publicising products or services
Online sales
Sharing Information - forums and chat rooms

4. Branding & Corporate Image

Are there any existing branding guidelines you would like us to follow E.g. corporate colours, imagery, fonts etc. Please give some details here.

Would you like us to provide you with new branding.


5. Creative Guidelines

What adjectives would you use to describe your company? E.g. Friendly, professional, innovative, safe, funky, smart etc.

6. Websites you like.

What websites do you consider well designed and why do you like them. Point out specific items if you like.

7. Site layout & must haves.

Approximately how many pages will your site consist of and can you break it down into sections? E.g. home, about us, services, clients, contact us. Tell us of any features you would really like to have.

8. Content Management (CMS)

How frequently will you need to update the site and why?

9. E-commerce

If you have e-commerce requirements. Indicate the size of your product range, the number of product categories and how many levels (on average) of sub-categories.

10. Extra functions and Services

Are there any extra functions you would like in your site, e.g. a form like this, a printable order, classified adverts, auctions etc.

If you want to update the content yourself, will you need training and do you have a preferred CMS application.

If you want to update the products yourself, will you need training and do you have a preferred E-commerce application.

11. Marketing

Are you interested in using search engines to promote your website? And what other marketing will you be using to promote the site.
Are you aware of the options for online marketing e.g.. Pay Per Click (ppc), affiliate systems etc. Would you need help with this?

12. Printing, branding and promotional goods

Do you require any printing or design work?

13. Budget and Time-scale

Is there a deadline for the website to be live? IS there a budget we need to work to?

Thank you for spending the time to fill this form in, we will give it immediate attention.

Tell us about your web requirements so that we can help to shape your ideas to ensure your get the most from your budget.

We can then provide you with a written proposal, custom built for you, costed and in plain English.

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